Kiev & Odessa


The discovery of two beautiful cities of Ukraine: Kiev, the capital of the country, and Odessa.

Guests can visit the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, St. Sophia and St. Michael's Cathedrals, St. Andrew's Church, and walk around Kiev's oldest district. , "The Descent St. Andrew", and frequent the Open Air Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Miniatures, stroll on the Potemkin Stairs, visit the Odessa Palace (Palace of Vorontsov, Gagarin Houses, Pototsky and Tolstoy) and many other places of interest. A more detailed description is presented in the program.

Program (6 days / 5 nights)

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    Departure for the guided tour of Kiev,
    You will discover its main monuments: the university, the Porte d'Or, the Saint - Michel cathedral - Les Toits - d'Or
    Walk to Andreyevsky Spousk, the oldest district of Kiev today stronghold of many painters, artists and artisans offering their creations.
    Visit of St. Andrew's Cathedral.
    Lunch at the restaurant

    Afternoon visit of the Pechersk Lavra.
    Visit of the catacombs and the underground chapels.
    Visit of the miniature museum. ".
    Visit of the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.
    Dinner party in a restaurant offering traditional Ukrainian cuisine accompanied by Ukrainian folk music.

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    Visit the old central market where, according to tradition, we continue to taste caviar before buying it ...
    Traditional lunch
    Visit of the open - air ethnographic museum presenting all the wealth of arts and traditions of the Kiev region
    Dinner in town at the restaurant
    Transfer to the station
    Installation in your compartment (4 berths)
    21:59 Departure of your train n° 105 towards Odessa.

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    Arrive early in the morning in Odessa. Breakfast

    Lunch in town.
    Tour of the city to discover this seaside city with the mythical name that has flourished thanks to a French emigrant, Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu, governor of Odessa he promoted a rapid and harmonious development of the city, following a plan Cartesian defined by the architect François de Ribas.
    The Potemkin Staircase remains one of the most famous landmarks in the world thanks to Eisenstein's film.
    Departure for the visit of the Odessa Palaces.
    Palace of Lev Tolstoy, from the Pototski account, from the Vorontsov account, Prince Gagarin.
    Dinner in town.

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    Visit the Museum of Fine Arts (Palace of Pototski account).
    Lunch in town at the restaurant
    Visit of the Archeology Museum
    Free time. Walk in the city center.
    Dinner in town.

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    Visit the famous old Odessa market Privoz.
    Transfer to the airport and assistance with boarding formalities.

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