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About Us

Vacanture - Ukraine Travel - is a tour operator of reference, specializing in organizing group tours in Ukraine for nearly 25 years.

Ukraine is a country of exceptional cultural, historical, and natural richness, both very authentic and modern.

Our Franco - Ukrainian team is made up of experienced tourism professionals, great connoisseurs of Ukraine and passionate people.

Whether it is group travel for leisure or group travel for business (incentives, conventions, conventions ...) we adapt to all your problems and create for you a stay tailored.

We operate throughout the territory of Ukraine and provide a range of services that include transportation (flights, transfers), accommodation (hotels, apartments), tours and catering, and the organization of activities.

We advise you on the whole organization of your group trip and provide assistance and assistance on site.

We only work with providers who meet high Western standards.

We are specialized in stays in Ukraine, especially in the 3 main cultural cities: the capital Kyiv (Kiev), Lviv, and Odessa.

As well as thematic circuits concerning the carpathians, or in the footsteps of the Cossacks.

We also offer cruises on the Dnieper with stops (it's the third largest river in Europe), and stays on the Black Sea.

As well as special stays during special festivities: New Year and Easter.

Ukraine is a country rich in history and architecture, with many religious buildings, castles, remarkable places, operas, museums ...

Ukraine is a raw jewel still largely unknown, which gives each visitor a unique and surprising experience.

Ukraine has a millennial existence made of conquests, constructions with multiple influences, spirituality, culture, invasions and occupations, independence and freedom.

The Ukrainian soul is deep and strong. Ukrainians are welcoming and warm. They will be proud to show you the beauty of their country, the richness of their culture and their artistic heritage. As well as to make you taste the delicious and unsuspected Ukrainian gastronomy.

Ukraine is waiting for you and we are eager to help you discover it! You will not be able to forget it.

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