Golden ring of the Carpathians


Getting to know Lviv, a legendary town that is referred to as "The City of a Lion". You will have a great possibility to wander around the narrow streets of Lviv that were built according to the European architectural style of the 13 - 18th centuries, to attend different museums including the famous Pharmacy Museum that has been open to visitors since 1672 and where you can test the effect of a magic potion. Furthermore, you will see royal palaces, ancient churches, the Olesko Castle dating to the 16th century and you can also attend a master class in creation of traditional Pysanka writing. And finally you can get an amazing experience if you go on a tour around the Hutsul country, have lunch in a mountain house that is called "Kolyba" and to enjoy the taste of traditional cuisine on the bank of the River Prut, and other numerous experiences. You can find more details in the program.

Program (7 days / 6 nights)

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    Departure from Paris early morning.

    Arrival in the Danylo Galytski Airport in Lviv.

    Lviv is a very poetical ciy, that is covered with a vail of legends. The narrow paved medieval streets, the diversity of architectural decor styles - everything is conserved in its original state. In the past Lviv was the capital of a powerful Ukrainian State, principality of Galicia - Volhonia . The fact of being a part of the Austro - Hungarian Empire in the past, then of Poland contributed to give an inimitable aspect to the city. And in spite of all the caprices of history, the city hasn't lost its Ukrainian spirit ! So it's a right title for the city - to be in the list of UNESCO world patrimony.

    Transfer in the hotel, placing in your rooms.

    Panoramic visit of the city. From the High Castle hill you'll admire the rich architecture that reflects almostly all the stylistic tendencies of the European art from XIIIth till XVIIIth, the University, Potitechnical Institute, the masterpiece of Ukrainian baroque, the Saint - Georges cathedral, the Opera, the Saint Nicolas Church bulit in 1264.

    Supper in the city

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    A guided visit of the old city by foot, the visit of the medieval part of the city (the world patrimony of UNESCO), visites to the admirable cathedrals : Latin (Catholic), the Arménien Cathedral, and the ensemble of the Orthodox Church of the Assumption (1591), with a Renaissance clocher and the Korniakta tower (1578).

    Visit of the Pinzel Museum.

    Dinner in the city.

    Visit of the National Museum, with its rich expositions of the icons, dated of 14th - 17èth centuries, the decorative art and objects of the popular art.

    Visit of the market of souvenirs and paintings.

    Visit of Lviv Opera and Ballet theatre, one of the most beautiful theatres of Europe, that is a claim to faim of the city. It was constructed by a Venetian architect Z. Gorgolevski in the style of Venetian néo - renaissance of XIXth century.

    Optional: Evening in the Opéra in the case of a performance reservation.

    Supper in the city.

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    Visit of the Arsenal Museum. This museum proposes to its visitors a big collection of firearms and the objects of the famous ateliers from 32 countries of the world.

    Dinner in the medieval city in the old Armenian district,

    Visit to the Museum of History, the Royal Palace of Jan Sobieski, the king of Poland, one of the most ancient museums in Ukraine that contains big collections from the Antiquity till the Middle Age s.

    A small coffee break .....

    You'll visit the Market Square, and also the Pharmacist Museum that is situated right there and is a drug - store today, that was established in 1672

    You'll walk in small side - streets and will taste coffee in cosy cafes.

    Diner in the city in a restaurant - the Beer Museum.

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    Visit of the Palace of the Earl Pototski, the Lviv Art gallery. It's the richest museum of art in Ukraine, the collection contains more than 53 000 pieces dating from XIV - XX centuries. The biggest collections are the European sculpture and portait ones, as well as a collection of icons. The pearl of the exposition are the masterpieces of such famous artists as Rubens, La Tour, A. Mengs etc.

    Dinner in the city, in a typical restaurant.

    Departure to see the Ethnographical Museum in the open space, the charming reconstruction of the natural decor of contry life of the period of XVth - the beginning of XXth.

    The trip by car to discover the Vinniki village, where you'll learn about the art of Pyssanka - an egg decorated in Ukrainian motives - that crossed a millenium . Nowadays it still plays the rôle of talisman. The collection of Pyssanka, the word that means also a « painted egg » accompanied many rituels (before the Soviet period) as there are lots of symbols used that one should know to decrypt.

    Dinner, accompanied by live music .

    Return to Lviv.

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    Trip by car to discover the region of Hutsul.

    Mysteries, legends, attractions of wide forest massives, the billowy reliefs, sometimes reaching 2000m of altitude, the richness of fauna and proximity of thermal zones, fonts, all that give a mythic reputation of a dream destination to Ukranian Carpathian Mountaines .

    The forest covers three forth of this massif.

    Here we obey a mysterious force.

    Visit to Yaremtche village, famous for its artisanal market.

    You'll taste the traditional Hutsul kitchen on the banks of the Proute River.

    Dinner, traditional mountain kitchen in kolyba..

    Visit to the town of Kolomya ,

    Recently there was a museum of painted eggs constructed in Kolomya, that represents an ancestral tradition of this region.

    Visit to the Museum of Hutsul Popular Art musée and the Museum of Pyssanka (eggs with a rich hand - made decoration).

    Departure to the Ivano Frankivsk city.

    Supper in the city.

    Late at night - return to Lviv.

    Night in the hotel.

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    Free time.

    Transfer to the airport, flight to home.

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    Free time.
    Transfer to the airport and assistance with boarding formalities, flight to your city.

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