Easter in Lviv


To discover Lviv, the splendid legendary and poetic city of western Ukraine, a true jewel of the Carpathians, both authentic and modern. The architecture of the old city, in Austro-Hungarian and Polish style with Baroque influences from the Italian Renaissance, is remarkable.

In the past, Lviv was the capital of a powerful Ukrainian state, the principality of Galicia - Volhony. Being part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, then Poland, has contributed to giving the city an inimitable aspect. And despite all the whims of history, the city has not lost its Ukrainian spirit.

You can stroll through its picturesque little streets, visit the very old Pharmacy museum (1672), the palaces, the ancient churches and the 16th century Olesko Castle.

Lviv, a magnificent city classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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- a choice of modern restaurants, with a designer decoration, and a high quality service. They offer a revisited authentic Ukrainian cuisine, designed to satisfy a demanding international clientele.

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- optional activities for evenings.

The detailed program of the stay
5 days / 4 nights

Program (5 days / 4 nights)

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    Arrival to Lviv.

    Transfer to a hotel. Installation in the rooms.

    Panoramic view from the hill of the Upper Castle to admire the rich architecture of Lviv, including the University, the Polytechnic Institute, St. George's Cathedral, a masterpiece of Ukrainian Baroque, as well as the very ancient St. Nicholas Church.

    Visit to the Pinzel Museum.

    Dinner at a restaurant.

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    Visit of the National Museum, with its rich collections of icons (14th - 17th century), decorative and popular art objects.

    Lunch at a restaurant.

    Visit of the Lviv art gallery. It is the richest art museum in Ukraine. The collection contains more than 53,000 works of art from the period XIV - XX centuries.

    Dinner at a restaurant.

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    Visit of the 14th century Market Square and the Pharmacy Museum.

    Visit to the Museum of History and Ethnography, where you will discover the art of Pysanka (eggs decorated with Ukrainian motifs). Pysanka means "painted egg". The Pysanky were decorated with symbols representing the offering. They were carried out only by women, in the calm of the night, under the family roof. The work was carried out in a silence interspersed with ritual songs announcing spring. These incantations were supposed to transmit to the raw egg (because one does not kill life) all the forces of Good. This tradition was accompanied by many rituals.

    Lunch at a restaurant.

    Walking tour of the poetic and legendary city of Lviv, with its narrow medieval streets and varied architectural styles.

    Visit the splendid Latin and Armenian cathedrals, the Orthodox Church of the Assumption with its Renaissance bell tower and the Korniakta Tower.

    For those who wish, participation in the liturgy.

    Traditionally, the whole family goes to church with the basket filled with traditional food and covered with beautiful embroidery. You will be enchanted by the ambient colours and carried away by the liturgical songs. For those who wish, you will be entitled to baskets to actively participate in the tradition. They will contain: the paska (Easter brioche) which symbolizes wheat (to have good harvests), pysanky and krashanky (painted and cooked eggs), horseradish which makes you cry when you grate it (to remind you that life is not always sweet and pleasant), the salt of life (because you can't live without it), butter, a symbol of good health and prosperity, sausage and lard.

    Dinner at a restaurant.

    For those who wish, participation in the Easter Mass.
    Traditionally, on Easter night, before the religious ceremony, the boys lit a large fire in front of the church. This sacred fire was supposed to purify the air and earth of the village and keep away evil spirits. Everyone took a brandon to purify their house.
    Easter ceremonies last all night until dawn. When the Easter liturgy is over, everyone gathers in the square and embraces each other with a "Khrystos Voskres" (Christ is risen). People buy pysanky and krashanky. The children are having fun.

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    Traditional breakfast. On this exceptional morning, families share the food that was blessed the day before.

    Easter is said in Ukrainian Velykden' - the great day.
    On Easter Day, when two Ukrainians meet, the first one says Khrystos Voskres! (Christ is risen), and the second answers Voistynu Voskres! (Truly he is risen)

    Departure for a walk in the city, visit of the orthodox cathedrals with their traditional ornamental decoration.

    Walk through the medieval part of the city, with a visit to other admirable cathedrals.

    Lunch at a restaurant.

    You will walk through the narrow streets and taste coffee in beautiful establishments.

    You can participate in a pysanka painting workshop and bring a small souvenir that you decorate yourself.

    Visit of the ethnographic museum with a charming reconstruction of the natural setting of the interior life of the period from the 15th to the beginning of the 20th century.

    Animation "Hahilky - vesnianky" with Easter dances.

    Optional: evening at the Opera house (obligation to book in advance). The Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe, which is the pride of the city.
    Dinner at a restaurant.

  • 5



    Free time.

    Dinner at a hotel.

    Transfer to the airport and flight to your city.

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