In the land of the Cossacks


The Cossacks were adventurous nomadic adventurers, pirates and Slavic mercenaries from Eastern Europe. They colonized around the 15th and 16th centuries, particularly the banks of the Dnieper in Ukraine, north of the Black Sea.

A stay to discover the city cradle of Slavic culture, capital of the first Ukrainian state; "the RUS" of Kiev. A city rich in its great past history and its incredible current modernity, often unsuspected.

You will visit the following major tourist sites in particular: the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, the Cathedrals of Saint Sophia and Saint Michael, the Saint Andrew's Church, the Saint Andrew's Descent, the long Kreshatyk Street and the Independence Square: Maidan. As well as the Opera, the Ethnographic Museum in the open air and the Miniature Museum

During your stay, you will also admire the splendours of the cities of Poltava, Zaporijjia, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkassy, Cheeryne, and Soubotiv.

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- optional activities for evenings

The detailed program of the stay:


8 days / 7 nights

Program (8 days / 7 nights)

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    MARSEILLE - Kiev

    Reception at the international and modern airport Boryspil in Kiev.

    Transfer to the hotel. Installation in the rooms

    Lunch at the restaurant

    Departure for the guided tour of Kiev, during which you will discover its main monuments: the University of Mohyla, the Golden Gate, the Cathedral of Saint Michael the Golden Domes and the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

    Dinner at the restaurant

    In the evening, you will attend a performance of the National Opera (subject to performance).

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    Visit of the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, splendid and millenary. With immense religious importance in the history of Orthodox Christianity.

    Visit of the miniature museum
    Visit of the treasure museum "l'or des Scythes".

    Lunch at the restaurant

    Walk along the picturesque Descente Saint-André, the oldest district in Kiev, where many painters, artists and craftsmen offer their craft creations.

    Visit of the remarkable St. Andrew's Church, in Baroque style, with its terrace overlooking Kiev

    Cruise on Dnipro with Champagne, Gorilka and red caviar
    Possibility of dinner on the boat or in the restaurant
    Visit of the museum of Icons and miniatures. Visit to the Treasury "the gold of the Scythians".

    Lunch in a typical Pervak restaurant where you will discover the traditional "50 gr" of gorilka (vodka).

    Walk in Andryyivsky Spousk, the oldest district of Kiev today home to many painters, artists and craftsmen offering their creations. Visit of Saint Andrew's Cathedral. A living example of 18th century Baroque architecture, the Church of St. Andrew was built according to Bartolomeo Rastrelli's plans. The interior decoration with its carved woodwork and iconostasis are invaluable objects.

    Departure for a mini cruise on the Dnipro, a river that crosses the city. (Possibility of dinner on the boat).

    Overnight at the hotel.

  • 3

    Kiev - POLTAVA


    Departure by bus to Poltava.

    We head south to the city of Poltava which is considered the "soul and heart" of Ukraine. In this hospitable little town, under the influence of Ivan Kotliarevskyi, the Ukrainian literary language was definitively formed.

    Lunch during the visit.

    On the way stop at the village Gogolève (visit the Gogol Museum, very famous writer) and the village

    Aupichnya, the former center of Ukrainian pottery.

    Installation at the hotel.

    Tour through the city. Visit to Preobragenska Church, Ouspenska (Intercession) Church, Ivan Kotliarevskyi House Museum.

    Dinner in one of the most beautiful restaurants in Poltava.

    Night at the hotel.

  • 4



    Departure by bus to Zaporijjia (300 km), to the land of the Cossacks.
    During 2 days you will live in the atmosphere of the glory of the Cossacks

    Installation at the hotel


    Guided tour of the city of Zaporijjia, located on the banks of the Dnipro, in the heart of the territory of the valiant Zaporogo Cossacks.

    Founded by the Cossacks in the 12th century in the heart of the Ukrainian steppe to protect itself from Ottoman invasions. The city was largely destroyed by Peter the Great and Catherine II, but still has a museum dedicated to the history of the Cossack people.

    Boat trip to Khortytsia Island, which overlooks the rapids of the Dnipro. It was in 1533 that the Cossacks built on this island the system of fortifications called the "Sitch of the Zaporogues".

    In the evening, you will enjoy a show of Cossacks with horses.

    Folk dinner with tasting of the traditional Cossack dish called "kulich".

    Return to the hotel

  • 5



    Departure from the hotel.

    Visit to the Cossack History Museum on Khortytsia Island
    Visit of the Kurgan Islands

    Lunch in a restaurant

    Departure for the city of Dnipropetrovsk, founded by Prince Potiomkin in 1787. The city experienced a great industrial boom at the end of the 19th century following the construction of the railway between Kryvyi Rig (rich in iron ore) and the Donetsk coal basin.

    Under the Soviet regime, the city of Dnipropetrovsk was banned to all foreigners. It was one of the most important places in the military industry: the famous SS20 rockets were built there. Only the museum of its construction recalls these periods.

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 6



    Departure for Cherkassy with a stop in Cheguéryne, former residence of the Ukrainian hetmans (high dignitaries Cossacks) and in Soubotiv where the most prominent hetman is buried: Bogdan Khmelnitski.

    Lunch composed of traditional dishes: kulich, smoked sausage, fish, goloubtsi (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat). During the meal, you will attend the show "Mamai Cossack" with songs, dances and popular games.
    Solemn initiation to the rank of Cossack accompanied by the presentation of a charter of honour approving your commitment.

    Arrival in Cherkassy.

    Installation at the hotel.

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 7



    A short visit to Cherkassy, a city founded in the 13th century, rich in historical monuments.

    Transfer to Kiev

    On the way, stop at Pereïaslav-Khmelnitski: visit the magnificent museum of outdoor folk architecture.

    Lunch at Pereïaslav-Khmelnitski.

    Installation at the hotel in Kiev

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 8



    Free time

    Transfer to the airport and assistance with boarding formalities.

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