New Year in Kyiv (Kiev)


To discover the city cradle of Slavic culture, capital of the first Ukrainian state; "the RUS" of Kyiv (Kiev).

Kyiv (Kiev) is rich in its great past history and its incredible current modernity, often unsuspected.

Kyiv (Kiev) is a charming city during the Christmas season, with a coat of snow

You will visit the following major tourist sites in particular: the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, the Cathedrals of Saint Sophia and Saint Michael, the Saint Andrew's Church, the Saint Andrew's Descent, the long Kreshatyk Street and the Independence Square: Maidan. As well as the Opera, the Ethnographic Museum in the open air and the Miniature Museum

You will attend the classical music concert at the National Philharmonic of Kyiv (Kiev). You will have the opportunity to see the House of "Pan Savka", to taste traditional Ukrainian dishes, with an accompaniment of charming melodies: the Koliadkas of Christmas,

For all group trips in Ukraine, Vacanture offers:

- a choice of modern and stylish hotels, located in the city centre, with a range from 3-star to 5-star hotels (in line with international standards of comfort, hospitality and aesthetics).

- a choice of modern restaurants, with a designer decoration, and a high quality service. They offer a revisited authentic Ukrainian cuisine, designed to satisfy a demanding international clientele.

- transfers in modern, air-conditioned buses that meet strict international standards for comfort and safety. Highly qualified personnel for bus driving.

- optional activities for evenings

The detailed program of the stay
5 days / 4 nights
Kyiv (Kiev)

Program (5 days / 4 nights)

  • 1

    Kyiv (Kiev)

    Reception at the international and modern airport Boryspil in Kyiv (Kiev).

    Transfer to the hotel. Installation in the rooms

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 2

    Kyiv (Kiev)


    Departure for the guided tour of Kyiv (Kiev), during which you will discover its main monuments: the University of Mohyla, the Golden Gate, the Cathedral of Saint Michael the Golden Domes and the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

    Lunch at the restaurant

    Visit of the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, splendid and millenary. With immense religious importance in the history of Orthodox Christianity.
    Visit of the miniature museum
    Visit of the treasure museum "l'or des Scythes".

    Classical music concert at the Philharmonic of Kyiv (Kiev).

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 3

    Kyiv (Kiev)


    Departure for the museum village of Pyrogovo. With a visit to the open-air ethnographic museum presenting all the artistic and traditional treasures of the Kyiv (Kiev) region.

    Return to Kyiv (Kiev) and lunch at the restaurant

    Visit of the National Gallery of Fine Arts Museum.
    Optional: Show at the National Opera of Ukraine

    Traditional New Year's Eve in a Ukrainian family, in the Ukrainian village Novi Petrivtsi in the "Mr. Savka's House", built in 1786 and furnished in an authentic Ukrainian style. With a visit to the farm and discovering traditional activities.

    Dinner will be accompanied by koliadky, the traditional carols of Ukraine. Groups of singers - men, girls, boys, boys, children - go from house to house and sing songs.

    Back to Kyiv (Kiev)

  • 4

    Kyiv (Kiev)


    Visit of the lower city: the Podil district

    A stop to listen to the song of the Mass in the Cathedral of Saint Michael.

    Lunch at the restaurant

    Visit of the Art Nouveau district.

    Walk along the picturesque Descente Saint-André, the oldest district in Kyiv (Kiev), where many painters, artists and craftsmen offer their craft creations.

    Visit of the remarkable St. Andrew's Church, in Baroque style, with its terrace overlooking Kyiv (Kiev)

    Dinner at the restaurant

  • 5

    Kyiv (Kiev)


    Visit the old central market where, according to tradition, we continue to taste the caviar before buying it ... ..

    Free time.

    Transfer to the airport and fly to France.

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