Easter in Kiev


Acquaintance with the legendary capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev. You will have the opportunity to attend St. Mikhail and St. Sophia's Cathedrals, as well as Kiev - Pechersk Lavra, to visit the Golden Gates of Kiev and the National Opera of the city, to discover the Vydubetsky Monastery and the Museum of Miniatures, to see the treasury of "Skythian Gold" and the Khanenkiv Art Gallery. If you wish, you can attend the Easter vigil - in that case you will be provided with a traditional basket (it shall comprise of an Easter cake, colorful eggs with Pysanka ornaments, painted eggs, horse radish, salt, butter and an embroidered towel). Moreover, you can attend a master class in creation of traditional Pysanka writing and visit a museum in the open air that is called "Pirogovo" and St. Andrew's Church that was built in the 18th century Baroque architectural style, and many other tourist attractions. You can find more details in the program.

Program (4 days / 3 nights)

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    Arrival in the Boryspil airport in Kiev.

    Customs formalities.

    Excursion in Kiev,

    You'll be charmed, from your first walk, with the chestnut streets in the ancient part of the city, where the famous Khreshchatyk is situated, the hills, "wide Dnieper River" and Podil district nearby. You'll discover its principal monuments : the university, the Golden Gate, St. Michael Golden - Domed Cathedral, churches and monasteries, other Barocco monuments, such as St Andrews Church, constructed by Bartelomeo Rastrelli in 1754, and Kiev - Mohyla Academy, or such buildings of the XIXth century as the ones of Kiev - Pechersk Lavra and Opéra, recall the splendor of this city.

    Visit to the St Michael Cathedral.

    Transfer to the hotel.

    Placing in your rooms.

    Supper in the city.


    At night we invite you in the National Opera (in the case of preliminary reservation).

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    Visit to the Vydubetsky monastery.

    Visit of Kiev - Pechersk Lavra.

    Lavra is one of the most ancient monasteries going back to the epoch of Kievskaya Rus. The sanctum sanctorum of Kiev, the spiritual center of Ukraine and the second Jerusalem for Orthodox ?hristians. Lavra was founded one thousand years ago in the « caves » of a hill.

    Visit of the Museum of Miniatures and Icones.

    Visit to the museum "Gold of Scythians".

    Dinner in the local citizen house of Olessia family.

    Cooking together an Easter cake.

    Visit to the Museum Art Gallery of Khanenkiv.

    Visit to the Museum of Taras Shevchenko.

    Return to the hotel.

    For those who wish, participation in the liturgy.

    All the family comes to a church with a basket full of traditional victuals and covered with beautiful embroidery, the priest blesses the meals.

    You'll be surprised by the colours and liturgical chant. For those who wish to participate in the tradition, you'll have the right to choose small baskets for you.

    Supper in the city.

    Return and night in the hotel.

    For those who wish, participation in the Easter liturgy.

    According to tradition the night of Easter, before the religious ceremony, there is a big fire lighten in front of the church. This sacred fire was intended to purify air and ground of the village and frighten bad spirits. Everyone took a fireabrand to purify his house.
    The Easter ceremonies last all the night long till the daybreak. When the Eastern liturgy is finished, sun raises, everybody comes to the central square, shares hugs and kisses and tells Hrystoss Voskress (Jesus Christ has been resurrected); people share also pyssanky and krashanky (painted eggs). Children have fun.

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    Easter in Ukrainian langage is Velykden' - the big day

    The day of Easter, if two Ukrainians meet each other, the first one says « Khrystos Voskres ! » (Jesus Christ has been resurrected), and the second person answers « Voistinu Voskres ! » (Indeed)

    Traditional breakfast. This exceptional morning families share the meal that was blessed the day before.

    Departure to the Museum - Village of Pyrogovo, charming reconstruction of the natural decoration of the country life from the XVth till the beginning of the XXth century. Visit to the ethnographical museum in the open air that represents the rich world of Art and popular cultural traditions of Kiev region.

    Dinner in a typical restaurant Pervak where you'll discover the traditional « 50 g » of gorilka (vodka)

    Walk in Andriyvski Spousk, the most ancient district in Kiev gathers a lot of artists and craftsmen that sell their pieces of art. Visit to the St Andrew's Church. This is an example of the Barocco architecture of the 18th century.

    The interior decoration with its wooden sculpture and the iconostasis represents the priceless heritage.

    At 19h30 - festive supper in a typical restaurant (Ukrainian traditional cuisine) accompanied by popular Ukrainian music.

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    10h00 Visit to the St Sophia Cathedrale .

    Transfer to the airport and flight to your city.

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