New Year's Eve in Lviv


Acquaintance with the famous city of Lviv. You will get a chance to visit the High Castle, the legendary Art Gallery, the National Museum, to attend the Ethnographic Museum in the open air, the Pharmacy Museum that has been open to visitors since 1672 and where you can test the effect of a magic potion. You will have a great possibility to walk around the narrow streets of Lviv that were built according to the European architectural style of the 13 - 18th centuries. And finally you can enjoy the traditional concert with performance of the Christmas Vertep, as well as take part in a festal dinner at a Ukrainian village. You can find more details in the program.

Program (5 days / 4 nights)

  • 1


    Arrival in the airport of Lviv.

    Customs formalities.

    Transfer to your hotel.

    Placing in your rooms.

    Visit of the National Museum with its rich expositions of icones, dating the 14th - 17th centuries, of decorative art and the objects of popular art.

    Concert in the Philharmonic Hall.

    Supper in the hotel.

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    Visit of the Museum of Pinzel.

    Visit of the Museum of Solomia Krushelnytska, one of the favourite actresses of Puccini.

    Private concert (lthe most famous roles of Krushelnytska)

    Dinner in the city in the restaurant Darvine, famous for its traditional cuisine .

    Visit to the theatre.

    The Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Lviv, One of the most beautiful theatres in Europe, that is a point of pride of the city. This imposing building has a rich exterior decoration et possesses the luxurious interior.

    Evening in the Lviv Opera.

    Return in the hotel.

    22h00 - Christmas Eve supper, then a dancing party in the restaturant of the Royal Palace.

    Return to the hotel.

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    Departure by foot for an excursion in the old part of the city, visit of the medieval part of the city (world patrimony of UNESCO), visits of the admirable cathedrals : Latine (?atholic), the Armenian cathedral, and the ensemble of the Ort?odox church of Assumption (1591), with a Renaissance clocher and Korniakta tower (1578).

    Visit of the cathedrales with their traditional Christmas decoration and the chant of koliada.

    Dinner in the restaurant Amadeus.

    Departure to visit of typical village of Galicie.

    Visit of the Museum of History.

    Private concert of classical music and presentation of Vertep and Coliada in the museum of the city.

    "Vertep" - the animated biblic scenes related to the birth of Jesus Christ, accompanied by the chant of koliada.

    Return to Lviv.

    Supper in the restaurant Veronica.

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    Departure to see the Ethnographical Museum in the open space, the charming reconstruction of the natural decor of contry life of the period of XVth - the beginning of XXth.

    Dinner in the restaurant Kupol.

    You'll visit the Market Square, and also the Pharmacist Museum that is situated right there and is a drug - store today, that was established in 1672. You'll walk in small side - streets and will taste coffee in cosy cafes.

    Supper in the city in the restaurant Monspius in the Armenian district (Armenian cuisine).

    Supper in the restaurant Monspius.

  • 5



    Visit of the Christmas fair.

    Visit to the Art Gallery of Lviv. It's the richest museum of Art in Ukraine. The collection possesses more than 53 000 pieces of art of the period of XIV - XX centuries, with its masterpieces of Rubens, Tour, A. Mengs etc.

    Dinner in the hotel.

    Transfer to the airoport and flight to your city.

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